About VodoModo —

Our purpose: To give people a way to make the experience of seeing their world more fun, easier and more memorable.

  1. VodoModo was founded in 2007 to create contextually-rich location-relevant videos on thousands of Points of Interest worldwide. We are growing our library of rich POI video. Making this kind of content is difficult, but we've figured out how to do it.
  2. We started out by creating our videos for consumers directly. But soon realized that while smartphones and map & location apps & services were proliferating like mad, there was a serious lack of rich video on Points of Interest. Since we were unique in creating this kind of video, we thought sharing our videos for use on other cool apps could help enhance the user experience.
  3. Using our patent-pending and proven managed crowd-sourcing platform to scale the production of rich short form videos and a cloud server with an API to serve it, we are giving mobile application (location, navigation & travel) developers, travel- related and media websites and GIS/map providers access to leverage our premium POI videos to capture and enhance a users' experience as they explore.
  4. Our videos help keep a person engaged as they move from one POI to another. And since they are often unfamiliar with places to eat, shop or be entertained nearby, our partners can leverage our videos to pass on ad messages that are location and contextually relevant (tied to the interests in and location of the sites being seen) which, in turn, are welcome and unobtrusive.
  5. We also have a patent-pending ad platform that allows the delivery of location-based ads without the need for GPS or cellular coverage. Since 50% of the planet doesn't have cellular coverage, our partners and customers will being able to leverage the power of location where-ever anyone is.
  6. Finally, our team is passionate about creating the best travel, location and navigation experience. We strive to make every video a 5-minute visually and information rich story that is memorable every time.