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Smartphone sales are skyrocketing and map/location applications, both web and mobile, are proliferating like mad. Map information on Points of Interest (POI) is the most sought after kind of information on mobile devices. But a Point of Interest is more than just latitude and longitude, address or a photograph - it's about context and relevance.

Learning about a POI is best achieved with video. People, the world over, love video and they want it to enhance their location experience as they explore. We're the first and only company making rich video on thousands of POI worldwide.

We are always looking for creative and professional photo researchers, writers, editors, photographers, illustrators and voice over narrators of all languages to join our team.

There are two ways to join our team - one way is as an employee and the other is as a freelance content producer.

We are growing and will be posting full time opportunities in the coming weeks. On the other hand, we have an immediate need for freelance content producers.

As a freelance content producer, you work remotely using your own computer, software and equipment. We conduct extensive online training to ensure you are fully confident in using our patent-pending managed crowd-sourcing platform to collaborate with other content producers in creating videos. To-date the company has worked with nearly 100 freelance content producers, many whom already have full time jobs and work with VodoModo 5-10 hours a week, on average.

Instead of paying you a few bucks upfront, as a freelance content producer we give you the opportunity to participate in the ongoing revenue of videos you contribute to, under a royalty payment plan.

For example, if you did the photo research on a video that generates $.10 cents per view and is viewed 250,000 times in a given year you'd make $750.00. That royalty would continue as long as you remain a content producer with VodoModo. Since, we target primarily Points of Interest that attract at least 500,000 visitors a year, you can see how the numbers can add up.

Here are the royalty rates, by position, that you are eligible to receive. If you perform more than role, you get the extra royalty for that role.

We are actively seeking the following freelance content producers. Just click below to view each description and see how to apply.

For any job related questions feel free to send us a note at jobs@vodomodo.com.

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