About VodoModo — Partners


We are actively looking for rich and engaging audio and video content, in any language, to enhance the travel, navigation and location experience for billions of mobile-enabled consumers' and travelers' worldwide.

If you are creating or have a library of rich video and/or audio content on any kind of Point of Interest (food, retail, shopping, accommodations, business and lesser known or less visited or off the beaten path historical and cultural sites) in any language, for a mobile application, then contact us for a partnership. We would use our cloud server and API to distribute your content to our growing network and we'd share in the revenue.

On the other hand, if you have a library of travel, architecture or history video or audio content that has been used traditionally for television and cable, and you want it to be re-purposed for mobile distribution please contact us. We would use it in our production of original made-for-mobile rich POI movies and pay you a licensing fee.

Finally, we try to find 80 to 100 archival images and modern photographs to use in every POI movie. That means we often work with photographers, studios, and publishers to license their images. This is usually a royalty payment arrangement based on revenue. If you have archival or modern images of Points of Interest, we would like to hear from you. Please call us at 414-732 -1297 or email at vmtolicense@vodomodo.com

Marketing and Content Partner

Amazing People Club Ltd.

Amazing People Club Ltd is an international digitally-based publishing company that specializes in inspirational books, eBooks and eAudio titles about some of the world's most amazing people. This innovative series brings readers 'face to face' with many of the world's most influential characters from the fields of art, science, music, politics, medicine and business from all over the world. In addition, the Amazing Cities range offers unique 'city tours' of cities including London, Paris, New York and Sydney where amazing people who lived in these cities become your personal historical tour guide. Amazing People Club's mission is to publish inspirational life stories in accessible formats that and will inspire, educate and entertain.