Our goal is to make georich video broadly available to mobile application developers who see value in leveraging rich POI video to drive engagement for their travel, real estate, education, and navigation applications. We want to ensure that anyone can get up and running fast with minimal cost.

A 70% Return on Investment (ROI)

In our experience, most customers watch a video 1-3 times. So if you developed a travel app with 5 POI videos of famous buildings that make of the New York City skyline and sold it for $4.99, you would make a 70% ROI as follows:

If each customer views each POI video 3 times, it costs you $1.50 in video views. The result is a gross profit of $3.49 or 70%.

Now, offer an in-app purchase of other POI videos nearby for $.99 cents each. If each customer watches a video at least 3 times your cost to stream the single video is $.30 cents, with a 70% profit margin.

If 50 customers watched 2 videos each in a given month, they'd have used 100 views, which means 80 views would carry over to the next month under the evaluation plan.

What this means for you

- You can start building apps for as little at $18/mo. for 185 video views or streams

- Unused video views in a given month carry over to the next month, so you keep what you don't use

Pricing Plans

To get started sign up for the Evaluation Plan for $18 a month and get 185 video views/streams or the Bootstrap Plan for $70 and stream up to 778 videos. Other plans with more monthly views are available through AppDirect.

Decide which videos you want to use

Clicking 'Get GeoRichAPI now' will redirect you to, where you will need to sign up to get access to the VodoModo GeoRichAPI.

Once you have signed up, you will receive an API Key that you will use to log in at

When you log in, visit the Tour page on VodoMOdo to watch all the videos and decide which videos you want to deploy in your mobile application(s).