Most things 'mobile' are about navigation and points of interest. The straightest path to sustained customer engagement is video. VodoModo provides premium geolocation video for your location, map and navigation services, both mobile and web.

All our videos are contextually rich

What personalities and events make a point of interest important? What did it look like 100 years ago? We start with a great story and mix in 80 to 100 rich images – both archival and contemporary – and add background music and narration to make each site come alive!

Benefit: Sustained consumer engagement... (more)

Location-based advertising made real

You've captured the consumers' attention with content that interests them. Now keep it as our premium POI videos compel users to explore, moving from one POI to another. Within the context and location of the POI, your advertisers' messages become highly relevant, ensuring that their message is welcome and unobtrusive. And since our content is relevant to dozens of other POI nearby, the value of having an already engaged consumer stays with your app and ultimately your advertisers. Watch Movies Now! or Sign Up!

We focus on location rich and relevant Points of Interest

Predictably, year in and year out, millions of consumers congregate at the most popular Points of Interest. In the United States, for example, the Grand Canyon, Lincoln Memorial, Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building each are visited by 4 million tourists a year. In France, the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower get about 7 million each. There are thousands of fascinating sites worldwide – and we're getting them done. Each POI video is being translated into multiple languages.

Benefit: High density of consumers in one place catapults sales opportunities for you and your advertisers. Grab the attention of millions of international visitors, too! Many of the 20 million foreign tourists in the U.S. and 75 million in France visit famous Points of Interest.

High quality video with easy integration

We use cloud computing to host and stream our videos. Each video is encoded with multiple profiles to allow for multi-bitrate dynamic streaming. Regardless of whether you have a mobile or web application service, our servers detect the device or site being used and serve the best high quality video based on available bandwidth. If you want to embed our video on your site instead of using the API, Contact Us.

We are actively working on agreements with a variety of companies to provide POI identifiers for easy integration of VodoModo content as a media layer on their platforms. Watch Movies Now! or Sign Up!

A growing library of rich video

A growing community of media producers is collaborating on our patent-pending managed crowd-sourcing platform to create our POI videos. Our initial targets include more than 4,000 of the most visited Points of Interest worldwide that attract billions of tourists annually. We are always looking for creative people to write a story, do some narrating or work their magic on the cutting board. So, if you've got a creative streak, click here to learn more about how to get involved and make some extra money.

A diverse selection of Points of Interest

While we focus on the most popular and most visited Points of Interest we also do premium made-for-mobile movies for retail, hotels, corporations and lesser known historical and cultural sites. Like their larger neighbors, small towns are rich in history, too. We are always looking for opportunities to create georich POI movies where you live. Reach out to us to create a video of your POI. Our managed crowd-sourcing platform ensures that you get a high quality, high value video faster and for less cost than you'd expect. Watch Movies Now! or Sign Up!

Realtors and recruiters use our POI movies to attract and show tenants and talent why they are proud of where they live or work. We give you the opportunity to effectively market the story and culture of your location or neighborhood. (more)

Today's students are at the forefront of getting information and entertainment through video. Educators can tap into this movement for your classroom (online) or field trips (mobile). Connect with students in a way they understand – and make learning more fun. (more)